Bathroom Renovations

Designing and creating a modern bathroom is not such a daunting task as many may believe, it does take some imagination but the rewards once finished is well worth it. Our qualified tradespeople will come in and take care of you and we will create a bathroom you will be proud to have.

Our bathroom renovation process involves:

  • Home consultation.
  • Written quote. Once accepted we will provide you with a contract and the assistance of the selection process of sourcing all your fittings, tiles, etc.
  • Preparation. We will cover all your floor coverings with drop sheets to minimise dust and dirt in your home.
  • Demolition. We will strip your bathroom completely then we will carry it out to our skip bin. If your home is pre-1990, your bathroom might be subject to asbestos, a trained professional will remove it professionally with no traces so no health risks may occur.
  • 1st fix. Installation of new plumbing and electrical works by licensed tradespeople and any carpentry of any structural works and any insulation needed.
  • Re-linings. The re-linings of cement sheeting wall and floor or on a brick wall re-plastering of sand and cement.
  • Waterproofing. We will apply a waterproof membrane wall and floor in accordance with Australian standards, drying times need to be considered.
  • Tiling. Qualified tillers will lay the sand and cement bed with falls to waste pipe and then begin to lay the wall and floor tiles and will then grout them. Silicone will be applied in all wall floor junctions.
  • Fit off. We will install any new appliances you have selected for your bathroom. A licensed plumber will install taps shower rose, vanity and toilet. A licensed electrician will fit new power points lights exhaust fan, etc.
  • Shower screen. The shower screens are best made to order to give your shower a water tight fit.
  • Cleaning. We will clean your bathroom, no trace of tradespeople.
  • Completion. We will meet in your new bathroom and you will receive all documentation guarantee and waterproofing certificate.
  • Fully licensed for asbestos removal

All bathrooms come with a 7 year guarantee.